Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

About the treatment

There are 2 main types of whitening within dentistry: Chairside Power Whitening and Home Whitening. We do also have some additional whitening products for a cheaper alternative and a way to top up the whiteness on-the-go.

Home whitening is a safe and cost-effective way to gain the smile that you have always wanted! In most cases, we can take the impressions/scans and give you your bleaching trays to start whitening your teeth at home the VERY SAME DAY!

Chairside Whitening speeds up the whitening process and can often improve the shade of your teeth by 6 levels within 1 hour.

Home Whitening

After a thorough oral examination and foundational gum health, precise moulds of your upper and lower teeth are taken, from which slim bleaching trays are made. These trays are then used to deliver the whitening gel to your teeth. Each tray is loaded with the gel, and inserted into your mouth, for periods of time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours per day or 6-8hours (night-time bleaching) depending on what suits you best.

Results of home whitening can vary from person to person and depend on the nature and severity of the staining. The average time for noticeable results is 2-3 weeks (the equivalent of 8- 10 applications). The effects of the home whitening process can last for several months but lifestyle factors such as smoking, and eating and drinking highly coloured foods and liquids play a large role in the formation of new stains. However, as the trays have been fabricated to fit your teeth exactly, they can be reused at any time provided they fit well.

Some sensitivity during use of either whitening procedure is normal. This can occur due to receding gums, wear of the teeth and tiny cracks in the top layer of the teeth (enamel). This sensitivity is transient and generally lasts no longer than a day or two. Specific toothpastes and products are available here to help with any low-grade sensitivity experienced.

teeth whitening trays

Power Whitening

For that instant whitened effect…try our power whitening treatment at the chairside. The procedure is simple. After you are comfortable and relaxed listen to some music or something, we isolate the teeth and protect the gums from the whitening gel we use. The gel is very concentrated and can damage the soft tissue if not properly cared for. A bright light helps to speed up the procedure.

Within an hour, your teeth can look up to 4 shades whiter. Whilst you were having this treatment done, our team will be constructing your customised bleaching trays to take home-free of charge to allow you continue topping up and maintaining that happy white smile.

Why choose us?

Your Safety First:
Because we have medical training, and take a thorough history before performing any treatment, we are in a position to recommend the safest and most suitable treatment for your needs. We have also researched all the products in advance and rely upon the reputation and success of the whitening system. 

Better Results for you:

For optimal results, the health of your gums must first be evaluated and basic gum health must be carried out. We perform whitening as part of the management of your dental treatment plan, therefore you will achieve the best results possible, in terms of the number of shades whiter that your teeth can become.

Our Good Advice Means Longer Lasting Results:

We always follow up after a whitening procedure, to ensure that you know how to get the most out of your treatment, and achieve the best results. We look forward to meeting with you at a no obligation consultation to assess your suitability for Teeth Whitening.

The Process


Once you come into our clinic and are comfortably sitting, we take a quick impression with a berry or mango flavoured impression.


We can make the impressions into a whitening tray the same day on occasions. Because we make these customised trays ourselves, we can guarantee only the highest quality and comfort.


We then show you how to use your kit. Once you get home, you can whiten your teeth for as little as one hour or overnight if you prefer. We can even place the first session for you to test in the waiting room.

See for yourself our amazing transformations