Facial Aesthetics

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About the treatment

Fine lines, wrinkles and folds are filled and corrected. These can be wrinkles between the nose and the corner of the mouth, between the eyebrows, around the mouth area and wrinkles around the eyes and also the hands. There are many variations of facial aesthetics, primarily based around anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Wrinkle and muscle relaxing injections

Facial line softening

Facial line softening is a non-surgical treatment that is used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It involves a series of small injections which results in a temporary facial tightening effect.

Nerferti lift

This involves injecting a little more ‘Botox’ into the lower jawline and the platysma neck muscles. This provides an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw muscles.

Chemical peels

This pain free process is a revolutionary way to get younger looking, clearer skin in just one week! By uniquely combining glutathione, kojic acid, TCA, retinoic acid, salicyclic acid, phenol and a blend of minerals and vitamins we are able to reduce pigmentation, make skin tighter and brighter and exfoliate and reduce inflammation.

PDO threading (thread lift)

A minimally invasive procedure to temporarily tighten the skins for a more youthful appearance for up to 6 months.

Hyperhydrosis (excess sweating)

If you suffer from excessive sweating, we are able to combat this without surgery by targeting the sweat glands and reducing the activity. Regular six-monthly injections are advisable.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (face lift)

A small amount of blood is taken from the arm and treated in a centrifuge machine to obtain the plasma. This is injected into the problem area including under the eye, areas of the face and neck. The treatment is progressive and improves over 18 months and can even treat some types of hair loss. Non-surgical face lifts are increasing common.

Dermal Fillers

We consider consultation to be very important, we will discuss which dermal filler is right for you so that we achieve the best results for you personally. Actual treatment time usually takes 30 minutes.

  • Radiesse Liquid Facelift
  • Juvederm Ultra
  • Teoxane
  • Restores a youthful look in less than an hour
  • No allergy testing is required
  • Stimulates own collagen production
  • Feels soft and looks natural
  • Lasts 12 months or longer in many patients
  • It is absorbed naturally by the body
  • Excellent safety and efficacy results
  • The hands can be treated too
woman with lip fillers

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Lip Filler

Get the perfect lips with our award winning team. Subtle to larger changes to fit your smile, lip fillers are becoming to most requested facial aesthetic treatment.

Cheek Augmentation

“Apple cheeks” and enhanced cheek bones and the definition of the zygoma creates a more youthful appearance and creates fullness in the upper face area.

Profhilo Tissue Remodelling

This premier treatment gives you results within 2 sessions. Primarily for dull, tired looking skin and loss of facial volume. Within 15 minutes and 5 strategic injections Profhilo stimulates 4 types of collagen and elastin for improvements facial tissue volume.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (mini nose job)

Used for minor adjustments in the shape of the nose. This long lasting dermal filler can be used subtly to build volume and disguise any deformities with little downtime. From the shape of the nose line and nostrils, this has become an extremely sought after treatment.

Chin and jawline augmentation

If you feel your jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition, or has begun to sag due to agin/weight loss, this treatment can help. For more cosmetic enhancements, this can be helped to create a more pronounced chin or stronger jawline with smoother and tighter contours.

Radiesse is a non-animal product and is made up of synthetic calcium hydroxylapetite which is an ion found in the skin, organs, bones, teeth and tissues in every part of the body. It consists of microspheres that are suspended in a carrier gel and it is this that gives the instant ‘lift’. As the gel is broken down the calcium and phosphate ions provide a scaffold effect which enables the body’s own tissue to infiltrate it and give a further ‘lift’. It is this process which gives the lasting soft and natural results. Dermal fillers such as Hydra-fill are injected into the skin to create volume, smooth out wrinkles and bring back fullness to the lips. The results from our facial rejuvenation techniques are noticeable from 7-14 days after the treatment and can last for many months.