Smile Makeover

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About the treatment

At Stock Hill Dental Care, we are happy to be able to offer our patients ‘Smile Makeovers’, combinations of dental treatments to improve oral health and enhance the overall appearance of a smile. 

We offer two types of smile makeovers to suit your needs and wishes. Firstly, we offer a Progressive Smile Makeover which is a combination of aligning, whitening and bonding teeth. This is perfect for patients wishing for a gradual smile transformation. We also offer an Instant Smile Makeover, in which we use composite or porcelain veneers to provide a faster smile transformation.

At your free smile makeover consultation, we will listen to your concerns and wishes and offer you our expert opinion on how to provide the best bespoke treatment route for you.

Smile Makeovers

Progressive Smile Makeover

£ 4400
  • The gradual smile makeover. This plan is ideal if you are concered with your teeth becoming sensitive/wearing away. This may be due to the position of your teeth within the jaw. We would correct the position of the teeth and rebuild the lost tooth through bonding.
  • Teeth Allignment
  • Brighter Smile
  • Composite Bonding

Instant Smile Makeover

£ 2200
  • Fast, effective results. If your teeth are damaged and have many discoloured restorations, we can provide a more even coloured result using composite veneers to improve the function and aesthetics of a smile for long standing results.
  • Composite Veneers (1 visit)
  • Upgrade to Porcelain Veneers (2 visits) -

    £ 5950  £ 4400

  • Brighter Smile
  • Fast results