Teeth In a Day

Teeth In a Day Implants



As the name suggests, using ‘teeth in a day implants’ can provide implants to be placed on the same day you attend the surgery.  It can a fixed or removable option and is often the favourite, cost effective choice for our patients, since the problem teeth can sometimes be extracted and new implants placed within the resultant socket along with the new teeth attached.  The result is a very natural tooth replacement as soon as you leave the clinic.

One of the biggest worries our patients have with extraction and tooth replacement is the need to wait for a few weeks or months for the bone and subsequently implants to fully be healed, before the prosthetic teeth can be attached. No patient should need to the clinic without the security of a set of teeth they can be happy with.

Just like ‘All-on-4’, ‘same day’ implants provide those with missing teeth the chance to have confident, new smiles that can be enjoyed with a single visit.  The  titanium implants are heal within the bone and are attached to Zirconia or Porcelain abutments to restore the missing tooth.

Who Will Benefit from Same Day Implants?


This technique is ideal for those who wish to have long term tooth replacement quickly and want to avoid leaving the surgery with removable prosthetic teeth replacement.


More cost effective this technique uses and expands on the existing jaw bone structure of the patient, in most cases more complicated procedures like a bone grafting procedure are not necessary. This results in fewer expenses,  fewer appointments and less discomfort.

Teeth in a day – After being attached to the jaw bone, the implants can then be attached to a set of permanent teeth replacement within the same day – making it possible for a patient to go home with a brand new, confident smile. There is no need to wait  months for the implants to heal before you get your teeth, since the healing speed of the implant is much higher and they can be attached to prosthetic teeth instantly.

Less pain – The implants will be attached to the jaw bone where the existing tooth is using a highly minimally invasive technique. As a result, there is no need to extract the tooth, wait for healing and then drill into bone again.  The treatment can be carried out without causing too much trauma to the patient, and will also shorten the time it takes for the patient to fully recover.

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