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Emergency Dental Care

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Emergency Consultations cost £30, your Dentist will then explain what needs to be done and how much it costs.
These are some examples of costs:
Crown re-cementation £40, Temporary Filling £40, treatment of acute infection or to start a root canal treatment to get you out of pain £100.
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We care

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If You’re Experiencing a Dental Emergency, Call Us As Soon As Possible on 01959 572 748 OR click Here to book yourself online

Are you suffering from severe pain and need emergency dental care as fast as possible? Please call or visit our clinic on 01959 572 748 right away. Whether you are a new patient or an existing one, we will do our very best to help you as quickly as possible. We have emergency slots available each day during our normal operating hours, and are even accessible in some cases outside business hours. Existing patients can contact us after hours through our answering service, and new patients are worked in as quickly as we can see them. Severe dental pain can lead to complications if not addressed quickly. Please call us at your earliest convenience and let us know how we can assist you. Our experiences staff can talk you through any concerns.

To find out the soonest time we can see you, call us on 01959 572 748

How We Help

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How to Manage Your Pain and Get Back to Normal

Our patients need to get pain relief as quickly as possible. To do this, we work hard to make care available to you when you really need it. Whether its through an emergency treatment, or a prescription for a pain relief or antibiotics/strong painkillers we have available in the surgery so the pharmacy doesnt need to be open. We will help accommodate your emergency needs as quickly as possible. Once you have had an emergency exam, your Dentist will discuss his findings with you and explain what needs to be done to alleviate your symptoms both immediately and on a long term basis. If possible, we will perform that treatment at the same appointment, or discuss pain relief methods for you to use until you return for restorative therapy. We can also see you before or after normal business hours on a case-by-case basis!



  •   Since joining the dentist I have always been happy with the attention to detail Sundeep and the team put in and the young lady in the room I think Chelsea? Is really wonderful and always helpful, she is a credit to the practice.

    thumb Ellice Perry-Daniels

      So happy since joining this practice. The staff are friendly and the dentist is fantastic. The dentist I saw even works late night so I didn't have to take anymore time of work, The girls were very approachable and so was the dentist. I am so glad that I have finally found a good dentist. 5 stars guys see you in 6 months.

    thumb kyle roberts
  •   I would recommend this dentist to everyone, the team are so welcoming and the dentist was brilliant. Have to say a massive thank you to Sundeep for sorting my teeth out like look amazing so thank you very much.

    thumb mark Tate

      Thank you Dr Sundeep and your team for accommodating me at very short notice. The staff at the practice were wonderful. I am still smiling thinking about my experience at your practice. Never thought I would say that about a dental visit. Thank you Stock Hill Dental Care for your amazing service!

    thumb Nihir Shah
  •   I can definitely recommend stock hill dental practice. The staff are very friendly and I always receive the highest standard of treatment.

    thumb kyle Fletcher

      Had a struggle to find it, but once found; it was a pleasure to have met the friendly staff who were so welcoming.

    thumb Lauren Hawkins