At Stock Hill Dental Care we offer a variety of services to ensure our patients are happy and content with their treatment.

At Stock Hill Dental Care we offer our patients a variety of different services such as;

General Dentistry :

General Dentistry routine work performed in many practices to ensure that patients and are content and comfortable with all treatments. The dental General Dentistry that we offer here at Stock Hill Dental Care are as follows;
First Check Up
Emergency Appointment
Aesthetic Fillings
Adhesive Bridges
Root Canal Treatments
Customised Mouthguards

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry is designed to improve the look of teeth and gums that will fill you with confidence and guarantee you a confident smile at all times. At Stock Hill Dental Care we offer a different types of Aesthetic Dentistry such as;
Tooth Whitening
Minimum Preparation veneers/smile makeover
Porcelain Veneers
Direct Composite Veneers
Snap-On smile
Gingival Veeners to mask black triangles


Orthodontics is a type of treatment that helps regulates the teeth and jaw, here at Stock Hill we offer  different types of Orthodontic treatment. These types of treatment are:

Clear Aligners
Traditional Metal Braces
Metal Fastbraces

Ceramic Fastbraces
Cfast stain free clear brackets
Invisble Lingual Braces

Facial Aesthetics

Stock Hill Dental Care offers 3 different types of Facial Aesthetics. These are:
Dermal Fillers
Beauty Lift (Thread Lift) PDO Threading

Specialist Treatments

We offer many types of specialised treatments at Stock Hill Dental Care to ensure our patients happiness as this is what matters to us most. The types of specialist treatments that we offer here at the surgery are:
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Sedation Treatment
Jaw Pain Treatment
Frenectomy and Laser Gum Contouring
Gum Disease
Stain Removal
Gum Bleaching ( Gum Depigmentation)